What are the types and specifications of commonly used metal hose joints?

Author:admin   Date:2022-07-07
Hose is an important part in modern industry. Hose is mainly used as wire, cable, wire and cable protection tube of automation instrument signal and civil shower hose, with specifications ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Let's talk about the common types of metal hose joints?
1. External threaded joint: mainly used for the connection between the local junction box and the hose. Open a hole in the local box, insert the connector, and fix it with a lock nut.
2. Internal thread joint: mainly used for the screw connection of cable tube and hose.
3. Card sleeve type joint: It is mainly used for the connection between metal hose and steel pipe. The installation of the card sleeve joint does not need to be threaded on the steel pipe.
4. Plug-in joint: mainly used for pre-embedded pipes with small dense gap, inserted into the inner diameter of steel pipes, and easy to install.
5. Reducer joint: It is mainly used in the case that the diameter of the steel pipe and the metal hose is inconsistent, and it can be arbitrarily enlarged or reduced according to the requirements of on-site installation.