What are the characteristics of metal hose

Author:admin   Date:2022-12-08
1. The metal hose is mainly made of stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance.
2. The working temperature range of the metal hose is extremely wide, from -196 to 600 ℃, and its high and low temperature resistance is good.
3. The metal hose body is hydroformed, which has good softness, good flexibility, strong bending and vibration resistance, and has the characteristics of bending resistance, tensile resistance, and lateral pressure resistance.
4. The metal hose has good wear resistance, can prevent rats from biting, and can protect the internal wires from damage.
5. There are many joints for the metal hose, which is easy to connect with other equipment. The two ends of the hose can also be made into other connection methods except threads and flanges, which is convenient for connection and use with other equipment.
6. The metal hose is easy to thread, install and locate. It is not only suitable for matching with rotary joints, but also widely used in flexible connections for the transportation of various fluid media.