Precautions for using hydraulic hoses in construction machinery industry

Author:admin   Date:2022-12-15
1. Hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies have a limited lifespan, and factors that reduce lifespan include
a. Bend to less than the minimum bend radius.
b. Twisting, stretching, bending, pinching or abrasive hose.
c. Use above the maximum temperature or below the minimum temperature.
d. The hose is used under pulses exceeding the maximum working pressure.
e. The quality of pipe joints and crimping quality.
2. Requirements for the use of hydraulic hoses
a. The pressure in the hose (including pulse pressure) shall not exceed the specified maximum working pressure.
b. The hose shall not be used at temperatures outside the specified or recommended temperature range (including the temperature of the conveyed material and the ambient temperature).
c. The hose can only be used to convey the medium specified by its design.
d. The hose shall not be used less than the specified minimum bending radius, otherwise it will restrict the passage of the conveyed material and reduce the service life. Bending or twisting near hose joints should be avoided as bending at these locations will fatigue the hose reinforcement and cause premature failure of the hose.
e. The hose must not be used in a twisted state.
f. The edges of the pipe joints should be smooth, and the dimensions near the core and jacket should be guaranteed. The amount of crimping must be controlled, insufficient or too large will cause premature failure of the assembly.
g. The hose has a limited lifespan and should be checked and replaced regularly.