High-quality hydraulic pipe fittings hydraulic hose joints

Author:admin   Date:2021-09-09
The hose assembly is an auxiliary device commonly used in hydraulic systems. It is made of high-pressure steel wire braided or wound hose and steel fittings with special equipment crimping. It is used to connect various hydraulic components in the hydraulic system. It is mainly used for hydraulic power under the working temperature of -40℃ to +100℃. Transmit or transport high-pressure media such as water, gas, oil, etc., to ensure the circulation of liquids and transfer liquid energy.
In the hydraulic joint, the hose joint is a joint that is crimped at both ends of the hydraulic hose. The connection between the hose joint and the component oil port usually requires the use of a transition joint. For this transitional nose, there are mainly four different ways of connection: straight-through crossing, corner-turn transition, three-pass crossing and four-pass crossing. The ones produced by our company belong to the withholding type.
Widely used in the machinery industry, such as engineering construction, lifting and transportation, agricultural machinery, various machine tools.