Do you know the three types of hydraulic hoses?

Author:admin   Date:2022-05-20
Do you know the three types of hydraulic hoses?

The mechanical part of a hydraulic hose, it is connected circuits, pumps, valves, filters, hoses, metal hoses and other suitable parts. Without this attachment, the hydraulic hose would not be able to take advantage of the pressure influence of the control fluid. In order to meet a large number of industrial applications

The specific equipment in use, the design and manufacture of hydraulic hoses are divided into three categories. They are gear motors, vane motors and piston engines.

Although the general operating capabilities are the same, they each have their own characteristics.

There are two types of gear motors. their internal and external types. For the former, the output shaft and the gear set inside and outside the party are placed inside. The matching gear design within the single housing, and the latter type. There are two main types of core parts

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In addition, it is also popular in the market for various hydraulic hose vane motors. They are slotted rotors built on the drive shaft, like the wings of a device. This type of design moves to a ramp or section where the tight ring transitions in the radial direction. Preserved grooves and holes in

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In addition, the third major type of hydraulic hose is known as a piston motor. And there are two styles available for practical use. Their axial and radial piston motors. That means, the way of rotation is different. Therefore, they are divided into two applications in their respective fields

. For example, radial piston pump motors are often used in automobile and aircraft engines, as well as some large equipment. These types of hydraulic hoses are working to improve the efficiency and accuracy of industrial development, leading to a bright future for modern industry.