Do you know some precautions for hydraulic hoses? (1)

Author:admin   Date:2022-04-08
Do you know some precautions for hydraulic hoses? (1)
一. The inner diameter of the tube: the inner diameter of the hose.
二. The following matters should be paid attention to in the use and design of the hose:

1. The bending radius of the hose should not be too small, and generally should not be less than the value specified in "Technical Characteristics of Hydraulic Hose Assembly". There should be a straight section at the connection between the hose assembly and the pipe joint, and the length of this section should not be less than twice the outer diameter of the pipe.

2. The length of the hose assembly should take into account that the length of the hose will shrink and deform after the pressure oil is introduced into it. Generally, the shrinkage amount is 3 to 4% of the length of the hose. Therefore, when the hose assembly is installed, it is not allowed to be in a tensioned state.

3. The hose assembly should be installed without torsional deformation. The joint axis of the hose should be placed in the moving plane as much as possible to avoid damage to the hose when the two ends move with each other.

4. The hose should avoid contact and friction with the sharp corners of the machine to avoid damage to the tube.