Do you know how hydraulic hoses are connected and their advantages and disadvantages(1)?

Author:admin   Date:2022-05-07
Do you know how hydraulic hoses are connected and their advantages and disadvantages?
1. Compression Fitting Connections - Pressure Range: 250 – 800 Bar; Applicable Steel Pipe Size Range: 4 – 42 mm; Applicable Materials: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.
The ferrule type pipe joint consists of three parts: the joint body, the ferrule, and the nut. When the ferrule and the nut sleeve are inserted into the joint body on the steel pipe, and the nut is tightened, the outer side of the front end of the ferrule fits the conical surface of the joint body, and the inner edge evenly bites into the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal.
Advantages: widely used and mature; parts are relatively low-priced; no special machines are required.
Disadvantages: only suitable for pipeline connections below 42mm; not suitable for thin-walled pipes; large installation space and torque are required for installation; not suitable for working conditions with high safety requirements; cannot be used for strong vibration, shock and pulse working condition.
2. JIC 37 degree joint connection - Pressure range: 420 Bar (250 Bar, 100 Bar); Applicable steel pipe size range: 6 – 38 mm; Applicable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy, etc.
The JIC37 degree joint connection consists of three parts: joint body, bushing and nut. When the bushing and the nut are inserted into the steel pipe, the pipe end of the steel pipe is flared and formed with a flaring device, and then the joint body and the nut are tightened, and the contact surface of the cone is rigidly sealed and the O-ring is sealed.
Advantages: Wide and mature application; wide range of applicable materials; simple and convenient installation; repeatable disassembly and assembly.
Disadvantages: only suitable for pipeline connections below 38mm; low nominal pressure (except DNV standard); not suitable for thick-walled pipes; need to form the end of the flaring equipment.

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